Instructor: Matt

I have been in the digital asset space since 2015. Through bull and bear markets, I've tested many strategies. In over 6 years of experience, I found only 1 thing that works consistently well. With HEX Passive Income, I want to share my knowledge with the world, to save you both time and money. Learn from my mistakes and copy my successes.

What Do I Get?

This course has 4 modules and is designed for a complete beginner. It is intented to take you from novice to master. If you're familiar with HEX or digital assets, that's great. You have a head start.

Module 1 - Mindset and Crypto 101

None of this will work if you don't have the right mindset for success. We'll focus extra time upfront to save you from your worst enemy: yourself. Also covers the crypto basics.

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Module 2 - Setup and Security

HEX Passive Income values security above all else. The world of digital assets is new, and there's no shortage of ways to lose money if you're not careful.

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Module 3 - Buying HEX

Buying HEX is a simple concept, but we will dive deep into the safest, cheapest, fastest, and most efficient ways to buy. Learn the best times to buy too!

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Module 4 - Staking HEX

Staking is the key concept behind HEX and the HEX Passive Income strategy. We will cover all the intricacies of how to ladder stakes to optimize your future potential.

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HEX Passive Income is a 1-time payment. No subscriptions, hidden fees, or BS. 

HPI is for educational purposes and should not be considered financial advice. At HEX Passive Income, we preach personal responsibility. Always be accountable for your own actions.

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HEX Passive Income Mission

The mission of HEX Passive Income is to provide education for a strategy where anyone can create a sustainable source of passive income. I want to equip you with the knowledge you need to gain financial freedom for life.