HEX Passive Income

Learn an undiscovered investing strategy using a digital asset called HEX.

Create a long-term plan for financial freedom that makes your money work for YOU.

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Joe H.

Finding HEX has been truly life-changing. HEX brought me out of a dark place and gave me a newfound purpose. HEX has already done amazingly well for me this year, and I'm excited for the future.

Yashdeep S.

Through HEX Passive Income I found a like-minded community of individuals with similar goals for financial freedom. It feels great knowing I'm in a long-term product that gains interest every day.

Mati A.

One of the cool things about HEX Passive Income is it's ability to create long-term positive behavior change, not only in investing but in general life. As a therapist and neuroscientist, I find this fascinating.

This User Made $1000 After Staking 6 months! 

With HEX Passive Income, you set the terms you want to lock HEX for. At the end of your term, you gain all the interest plus any price appreciation. Set it and forget it.

Learn how to set up a plan to generate interest over the next 10-15 years with only a laptop and internet connection.

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1. Learn

HEX Passive Income values education before everything. Digital assets are a new technology, and there are many ways you can lose your money if you are not careful. HPI takes a security-first approach.

2. Plan

Planning your future is the next critical step in HEX Passive Income. Spend more time planning upfront, so you can spend less time worrying later. HPI puts you in control of earning money.

3. Earn

HEX is the world’s first digital Certificate of Deposit (CD). Lock funds for a later date to earn interest when those funds become due. Similar to traditional CDs. The longer you lock, the more you earn.

One Size Fits One

Create a staking ladder that works for you. The strategy is similar to that of a CD Ladder. You have the power to choose time frames that fit your lifestyle. What does that mean? This course will teach you everything. Achieve your financial goals with less work.


If you are new to digital assets, this course is designed to take you from zero to hero. You'll have your own passive income staking ladder setup in weeks! All the information you need is condensed and streamlined in this course.

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HEX Passive Income is a course designed to teach you everything from scratch. If you’re totally new to digital assets, don’t worry. We'll cover everything about how to make money with HEX.

You will learn a strategy that generates interest on intervals you set for yourself - set up a strategy to generate you passive income over months and years!

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This User Earned 31.2% Interest In Only Months

Their stakes were less than 200 days. Most people are staking for much longer. Delayed gratification is key to making HEX Passive Income work.


The average HEX user is staked for 5.5 years. Join 28,000 stakers who have locked over $1 Billion of total value so far.

HEX has been audited 3 times by the space's most well-reputed companies. It also has 100% uptime since launch. Prices are volatile, but HEX itself is as safe as it gets. Remember: with extreme volatility also comes huge opportunity for potential price appreciation.

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Stop Losing Money With Techniques That Don't Work

HEX Passive Income teaches you the real secret to making money with investing. It's simple: Long-term thinking always beats short-term gains. Stop wasting money on:

  • Trading/forex courses
  • Trading bots and indicators
  • Paid subscription groups from "investing gurus"

This is investing, NOT trading. Trading is NOT passive, it's active. Plus, the fact is 98% of traders lose sooner or later.

The truth is, if these trading strategies worked, most people wouldn't be selling them - they'd be using them for personal gain. With HPI, there is plenty of opportunity for everybody.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Passive Investing Strategy

HEX Passive Income is unlike most BS out there. It teaches security, setup, and strategy that is custom-fit to your lifestyle.

There's no such thing as "get rich quick". HEX Passive Income is the opposite: get rich slow.

It's working for thousands of people right now, but it's still under 2 years old! The opportunity has never been better to get in early on this revolutionary strategy.