How To Buy HEX In 3 Easy Steps

Mar 23, 2021
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A Simple Guide For Everyone: How to Buy HEX, The First High Interest Digital Time Deposit

How to Buy HEX

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Step 1: Set Up Your MetaMask Wallet

Setting up your private MetaMask wallet takes less than 2 minutes, as demonstrated in this easy walkthrough:

2 Minute Walkthrough Video

Step 2: Get Some Ethereum

One of the simplest ways to get Ethereum (ETH) is using the deposit or buy feature inside your new MetaMask wallet, as demonstrated below in this short 1 minute video.

Other options may include using Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kraken, or Gemini to buy ETH and send it to your MetaMask wallet address.

1 Minute Walkthrough Video
  • Additionally, Bitcoin (BTC) can be turned into HEX by following the instructions at HEX.COM; scroll down to BUY HEX & STAKE IT.

Step 3: Swap for HEX on Uniswap

HEX has its own secure frontend on Uniswap at ethHEX.com, making it easy to swap ETH for HEX safely and with no signup:


How to Buy HEX

HEX has its own secure frontend on Uniswap: ethHEX.com
  • Go to ethHEX.com
  • Click Connect to a wallet
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet
  • Enter the quantity of ETH you want to swap for HEX

(A nominal amount of ETH is required for transaction fees. Most people leave a small fraction of ETH in their wallet to cover transactions.)

  • Click Swap; Confirm Swap
  • When it is finished pending your HEX tokens will appear in your MetaMask wallet balance.

If you have any questions or would like additional help you’ll find a very welcoming and engaging group eager to assist in the official HEX Telegram: https://t.me/HEXcrypto


Stake your HEX and watch it multiply!

Imagine if Bitcoin paid holders with more Bitcoin for committing to hold for time periods of their own choosing: a time deposit. Now imagine if committing to longer time periods paid even better, and when others break their time commitments those who keep theirs receive even more Bitcoin — an onchain truth engine that rewards honesty. What would overall net buying and selling activity look like? HEX does all of this, plus a bit more.


How to Stake HEX

Check out HEXGRAPHS.com for current metrics.

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