What is The Best Cryptocurrency App in 2021?

Mar 31, 2021
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Cryptocurrency is once again blasting its way into the mainstream media as Bitcoin rocketed past its previous highs to the unimaginable level of $40,000. There’s a good chance that people you talk to have heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but a much smaller chance that they’ve actually used it. Why?

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is severely underserved in two critical aspects: User Experience (UX) and self-sovereignty.

Popular cryptocurrency apps have evolved over the years, such as Coinbase and Celsius. These crypto apps actually do a good job of UX, and are great for onboarding new users into the world of crypto. However, they miss the mark in a second area which is core to the ethos of crypto.

Cryptocurrency was designed to get rid of middlemen. That means no more corrupt banks and institutions — YOU are in control of your money. In crypto, this means holding own private keys. Private keys (also called ‘seed words’) allow users to take their funds anywhere with only a sheet of paper, or even better — memorized in their own head. They are what allows cryptocurrency to fulfill its ideal of being censorship-resistant and cross-border digital money.

best cryptocurrency app 2021 staker app best crypto app ios android
Cryptocurrency is about removing middlemen

Unfortunately, today’s popular cryptocurrency apps take your private keys away from you, and with that, your financial freedom. This means your money and information is vulnerable to being sold, hacked, stolen, censored, and shut down. No better than the financial institutions crypto was supposed to transcend. As the saying goes “Not your keys, not your coins”.

Quietly released this week was what could be the revolutionary app to take cryptocurrency mainstream. I’m talking about staker.app. Never before has an app combined beautiful UX, private-key ownership, and cutting-edge features.

What’s so great about Staker?

staker app best crypto app 2021 best staking app crypto
UX that doesn’t sacrifice security

True to crypto ideals, you hold your own private keys in staker.app. Never share these with anyone, and never store them online. No more censorship. Power to the people.

“How do I convert my money into crypto?” Amazingly, staker.app has 3 different payment processing partners — Transak, Ramp, and Indacoin. You can buy crypto directly with the fiat (government) money of your choice. If one option is down or unavailable in your country, there are 2 more. It’s good to have options.

Imagine this scenario: you are a new user coming into crypto for the first time. You buy a bunch of USDC (digital dollars) and send it to staker.app. You then want to convert it into HEX. You are told you cannot because you don’t have enough money for “gas fees” which must be paid in ETH. WTF? Why should I have to buy a 3rd cryptocurrency to exchange one cryptocurrency for another one? This has been a massive pain point in crypto UX, until now. Staker.app may be the first app that allows crypto transactions to use the same currency to pay those network fees (gas fees).

Sending and receiving (depositing and withdrawing) are common features that should be expected of crypto apps. Swapping one coin for another is a new feature. The breakthrough with staker.app is that it uses the 1inch.exchange smart contract. This feature compares the exchange rates of the coins you are swapping with many different exchanges, to ensure you always get the best quote and pay the lowest price.

“Staking” in the world of crypto means locking up your coins so they cannot be spent. Some coins pay a reward or interest rate for this sacrifice of time. The coin used for staking in staker.app is called HEX. You can stake HEX for any number of days, 1 to 5,555. The number is set by you. The longer you stake, the more interest you earn when that stake is completed. End-staking early pays a hefty penalty, so make sure you stay true to your word if you want the rewards. This is an app that rewards long-term thinkers. There is no 3rd-party holding your funds for you.

A “staking ladder” is similar to a CD ladder in the traditional world (Google it). This is an investment strategy that the wealthy use to store value and become even wealthier. Staker.app brings this feature directly to your pocket. A ‘ladder’ is just a series of stakes. For example, 10,000 HEX expiring every month for the next 5 years. This ensures you always have stakes expiring so you can collect interest and passive income more frequently (rather than waiting for 1 giant payday 10 years from now). Auto-laddering means this is done at the click of a button, and you only pay gas fees once.


If you want to get into crypto and earn money while you hold, Staker is for you. If you are tired of the poor UX in so many crypto apps out there, Staker is also for you. If you want to own your own money, the way crypto was intended, Staker is for you. Go to staker.app today and download the best cryptocurrency app of 2021.

best cryptocurrency app 2021 staker app what is the best crypto app ios android
scan this to download staker.app directly

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